In Memory of Neda Agha-Soltan

June 20th marked the 2 year anniversary of Neda’s death. Two years ago, she was part of a protest that ended her life. She was shot in the chest and within an hour the raw footage of people trying to save her became public on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. She became a symbol of freedom for Iranians who wanted to end the country’s repressive state.

Neda Agha-Soltan (23 Jan 1983-20 Jun 2009)

I won’t get into full details here. However, you can read a recent post I did on her story and more about her life on Wikipedia.

I just wanted to make sure I wrote a brief post  to let the world know, we haven’t forgotten about Neda. Although, her death was tragic, it has brought a lot of hope to Iranians all over the world. It has given them courage to fight against the government and push towards their freedom. The cost of it all was a life, it was her life. However, the world has not forgotten her and they continue to try to bring justice to her.

Neda, you are in our prayers and hearts. As the Iranian public fights for their right to freedom, they carry your thoughts strong. As for us, away from the scene, we support charities and cause awareness throughout the rest of the world.


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