Summer Hair Remedies

The below remedies were emailed to me through one of the newsletters I get weekly. Ladies, you should really subscribe! Here’s the link! This website’s awesome for remedies, fitness and health tips and just overall information.

Here are the remedies:

If You Have a Burnt Scalp
Mash a cucumber with sour cream and apply paste to scalp. There are anti-inflammatory agents in the cucumber which will help cool the scalp, while the sour cream balances pH levels.

Cooling Shampoo
Adding a few drops of peppermint oil to your shampoo will give you a nice tingly, spa-like shower at home. Plus, the minty extract will also increase circulation in your scalp, and will help hair grow.

Add Protein to Your Diet
Keratin is a type of protein; which is what hair is made of. Adding more amino acids to your diet will help your hair and nails grow stronger. A handful of almonds will give you energy and help hair grow.

Keep a Dry Shampoo in Your Purse
I don’t like dry shampoos but if the humidity leaves your hair sticky and/or greasy temperatures normally leave your roots feeling greasy, spraying a little dry shampoo will refresh your locks. Just spray over oily patches and brush.

Add a Boost to Your Flat Hair Color
Rinsing hair with herbal tea will boost hair color and add different tones and shades to your hair. Chamomile and lemon teas are best for blondes, black tea for brunettes and hibiscus for red heads. They suggest boiling a large pot of water with 4-5 tea bags and then waiting for water to cool to room temperature. Remove tea bags and soak hair with tea. Cover with a shower cap and wait 10-15 minutes and then rinse.

Rinse with Cold Water
After conditioning or to rinse out conditioner, run hair under the coldest water you can tolerate for a few minutes. The cold will seal cuticles, leaving your strands super shiny. This can be done on your face as well. By rinsing face under cold water will boost circulation in the skin causing a glowing effect.

Heal Split Ends
To rejuvenate damaged hair, smooth almond oil onto the ends of your hair before you cut will bring them back to life. Olive oil can also be used if you don’t prefer the smell of almond oil.


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