We Fall and Then Get Right Back Up Again

Shit happens and then we get over it. We fall and get right back up again. That’s the way life goes.

How long do you spend dwelling on things out of your reach? How long do you hold onto things that are out of your control? How long do you let the resentment last before you finally say fuck it?

For me, maybe a few hours.

Life has taught me many lessons and I guess that’s why I am the way I am. I have fallen many times, some physical, some emotional times. But I seem to bounce right back up again.

Where this strength comes from, is beyond me. But somehow I manage to get through whatever it is I’m facing. Yes, of course at the time of it happening I am generally a terrible wreck. But it doesn’t take much time for me to finally get over it and look past the horizon.

I think I’ve just stopped caring that’s why I get over things so quickly. It’s a scary thought that things don’t effect me the way they used to. On the flip side, it’s also a good thing that I can recover so quickly and get back on my toes. It does worry me though, that things that should bother me don’t anymore. I mean, I know life will always have obstacles, some we’ll dwell on and some we’ll overlook. However, I feel like I’m overlooking many things nowadays. More than usual.

I wonder how this change in me will effect my future. I wonder if will effect it at all. Who knows.

I’ve changed and am gradually changing more and more day-by-day. Where this change will take me is still a mystery. I guess, we’ll just wait and see.


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