Topic #168: How long do you stay angry at someone or something?

The Daily Post – Topic #168 – How long do you stay angry at someone or something? What’s the longest grudge you’ve ever held? Why do you think we hold grudges?

The above question was asked a few days ago on The Daily Post. I normally don’t select topics from there to write about but this one in particular caught my attention. The reason for that is I generally don’t get mad. I’m pretty laid back and can put up with quite a bit before actually getting mad. But if you do cross me the wrong way and get me to the point of anger, I don’t let go as easily.

For people who know me, you’re probably thinking that’s bull because I seem to get annoyed all the time. That’s true! I do get annoyed and frustrated often. You see, I just have no tolerance for stupidity. But actually getting mad and annoyed are two different things.

There are only very few times I have actually gotten mad. I’m not going to list them all but I will write about on of them. Two years ago, my older brother and I had an argument about something that I can’t even remember what. But the argument turned into us really getting frustrated with each other. We haven’t spoken since.

At first I was mad and held my ground. I wasn’t going to approach him unless he approached me first. He never did. You see my brother is an extremely stubborn person and our personalities clash quite often. Our thinking mentality is very different. Yet to some degree we both are very similar. It’s hard to explain, we’ve had a hate-love relationship.

Anyway, he hasn’t approached me ’til this day. I’ve tried talking to him a couple of times over the past two years or so with no success. I’ve finally given up. I don’t bother anymore and well, he hasn’t at all. He’s the main person I’ve held a grudge against over the years. We constantly bump heads and now I just stick my ground and hang tight onto my grudge.

I love my brother and would probably be there for him in a second if he ever needed me. I’m just not going to let this one go as easily.

Besides that there have been a couple of other people that have come in my life and really tested my tolerance. But deep down inside, I’m a softy. So I let people get away with a lot.


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