30 Minutes to Write This Post

I have been procrastinating all week to write this post. Yesterday I received one of my subscription emails from another blog I follow and the writer wrote a post about having 30 minutes to writing the post. She pretty much talked about procrastination and how it takes some writers weeks to write a single post. She also went as far as to say that you should just get it done and over with. So, that’s what I’m doing.

I’ve been physically and mentally exhausted lately and just haven’t been able to sum up my thoughts. Matter of fact, I haven’t had the energy to sum up all my thoughts.

Last weekend, I spent the whole weekend helping my dad at his restaurant for a street festival. The heat was scourging and I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of people that showed up. Along with that I ran a few errands for my dad as we ran out of plates and other supplies. I have yet to recover from the exhaustion of last weekend.

Then this week hasn’t been any easier either. Last Friday, my boss and a few other department heads invited me to a meeting; which resulted in me backing up a product manager who is transitioning into another role and who has also decided to go on vacation right after he got hired into this other position. Being a network products coordinator, part of my job is to offer my services wherever my team needs them. Being the good employee that I am, I did exactly that and the result was that I would back him up 30%. So, all week I’ve been doing 75% of his work and not the intended 30%, along with my own work. Mentally, I am exhausted.

To make matters slightly more stressing and overwhelming, 2 weeks ago I told my dad about D. I told him that there was a man I had been dating for over 9 months and we were interested in getting married. I told him that I had thought long and hard about this and it was what I really wanted. I told him that over the past 8 years, after my divorce, this was the first time I had thought about marriage and that D was the one. And I finally told him that I wanted him to meet D. Not that I needed my father’s approval to marry him or anything like that. But I did want his blessings and I want D to be part of the family and not just “some guy” I married.

So, on Wednesday this week, D and I went over to my parent’s house and met with my father. I think they both really like one another. I feel so relieved. This is the first time in my life that I have introduced a guy to my dad, so this was quite a big deal for me.

Anyway, that’s what’s been going on in my world. D is going to India within the next 20 days or so to meet my mom and introduce his family to her and to talk about our wedding/marriage. I’m excited over that and I think the thought of finally being engaged and later married to him is what is helping me push along.

That’s all for now folks. I’ll try to write more, I just need to get over this exhaustion to do so.

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