Did I Lose A Friend?

Recently, a friend of mine has been going through some domestic issues. He’s been quite stressed for sometime now. We’ve talked about his issues time and time again. Sadly though, there is nothing I can do to help him other than be there for him when he needs an ear.

But it’s been a while since I’ve heard from him. The last time we we talked he told me he needs time to deal with his issues and that it may be a while before we talk again. It’s been a long while though. Feels like forever. And I miss him. But I cannot call or text him anymore. I tried a couple of days ago and the only response I got was “I’m ok! U?” Nothing after that. So, I don’t think I should bother to text him anymore. I mean, it clearly seems like he still needs his space.
But I miss him. You see, he was one of those friends I never met before and that required nothing from me. We were just friends. We shared a bond that I have only hoped to share with another human being. Yes, I have D. But this friend was the one who I went to talk about D.

I feel like I’ve lost this friend. I know, I should just leave him alone and let him deal with his stuff. But I can’t seem to stop thinking about him and getting The urge to contact him.

That’s pretty much why I’m writing about it here. That and the fact that occasionally he reads my blog. So, I’m kind of hoping he sees my blog and understands that I miss him and hope things are better at his end.


One thought on “Did I Lose A Friend?”

  1. I know its hard feeling you cant do anything to help, that you in a since lossing grip. But your doing the right thing by just being avaliable to just lend an ear. Most men have a hard time talking about there feelings and whats going on. Keep in there with the friendship, still keep loving on him and caring for him.


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