Wedding Planning In Fast Gear

As you all know, I am getting married in March 2012. D is in India right now booking the hall, arranging the caters and decorators and all that stuff. Sadly for me, I had no vacation days left at work, so, my wedding is being planned without me there.

But D’s been really good at keeping me involved. I did tell him I didn’t really care where the wedding was, as long as the color theme was the way I had invisioned it to be. I’ve chosen to go with a peacock color theme with rich blue, green and beige with some silver accents.

I have a bunch of photos that I’ve dug up on Google. I must tell you how helpful google is when it comes to wedding planning. I’ve done all my research on it, plus found lots of different ideas.

Anyway, we’re having a lawn wedding at a hotel that D’s uncle’s friend owns. Since the wedding will be in Pune and all of my family will have to come from Delhi, we’ll be booking off a bunch of rooms at the same hotel for them, plus that’s where I’ll be staying too.

D’s meeting with some decorators tomorrow to discuss the Shamiana, aka tent. He said it’s going to look like an octagon with the Mandap situated in the centre and tables all around. He sent me a basic picture of it.

So that’s the basic layout. The square in the middle is the mandap. That’s where the ceremony will happen. We still need to work out all the details but that’s basically how it’s going to look. Those little blue and white dots are supposed to be the tables and the rest rectangle is the entrance.

I personally wasn’t thinking of something like this when we first discussed having a lawn wedding. I wanted the mandap in a tent of it’s own with the tables all around but no Shamiana above us. He and his family think this is a good idea and well, I don’t really mind it either so, I guess this is how it’s going to be.

What I’m mostly looking forward to is the color theme and decorations. I really hope he can pull off the look I want. Take a look at the pictures below. I pulled these pictures from a website; which I cannot remember the name of (shame on me). But I think the decorator or photographer was someone name Amna Siddique.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, there’s a lot more we still need to work out. But for now, I’ll leave you all with this much. Just so you all know, a part of me may still be a wreck due to my financial situation. But this is one of the happiest times of my life.
I could not have asked for a better person to spend the rest of my life with than D. He is absolutely amazing, a real sweetheart and he loves and cares for me with great passion (knock on wood, it stays this way forever). 🙂
Will write more details again soon <3.

4 thoughts on “Wedding Planning In Fast Gear”

  1. I frankly also cannot wait to revisit India 🙂 I will be in Mangalore & Delhi and maybe explore other interesting places in India.
    I have been in Chennai & Goa in January 2011 and then I decided to do the best to come back to India every January 🙂
    Where do you live and where in India will you stay in 2012?


    1. I live in Toronto, Canada and I’ll be in Delhi for the first bit of my trip and then the remainder will be spend in Pune and Mumbai. Our wedding is in Pune and D’s (my fiance’s) family lives near Pirungot.


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