Boredom To The Extreme

With D still out of town for another week or so, passing my time has become a real concern lately. Many of my friends are either working when I’m free or busy with their own spouses. So, I’ve spent a lit of time on my own over the past few weeks.

It’s funny how we don’t realize how reliant we are on seeing, being and spending time with a person until they’re gone. That doesn’t go to say that I don’t enjoy me-time. I just enjoy it more when I know I have someone coming home to look forward to after me-time is over.

Talking about me time, this weekend past I’ve done a lot of self healing and fixing up. I went to an older post of mine on home remedies and did a couple of those. One of the ones I did was the yogurt and egg combo for healthy, shiny hair. Sounds gross doesn’t it? Lol. It really was. Just the idea of having a raw egg mixed with yogurt on my head had my stomach turning. But I went through with it. The results: shiny hair!

Here’s what I did first:

I mixed 4 tablespoons of plain yogurt with one raw egg. Blended it so the texture was smooth and almost creamy. I then applied it to my scalp, working my way to the ends of my hair. I gave my scalp a good massage for about 5 minutes to make sure the mixture was evenly distributed all over. I then took a dry towel and wrapped my hair in it. I left the mixture in my hair for about 40 minutes. Then I rinsed my hair with lemon juice and water (this gets the stink of the egg out) and then with shampoo and conditioner.

Whoever came up with that remedy they definitely know what they were doing. My hair looks and feels great!

Besides that, I put chilled cucumbers in my eyes and listened to music and just relaxed. Loved it.

Its been lonely but only a few more days to go! 🙂


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