Wedding and Blogging Update

I’m back! I know it’s been a quiet few weeks but I am finally back in focus now. D is back from India, many of our wedding arrangements, including the hotel and venue site has been reserved. Pending tasks remaining are getting the wedding cards made and shopping.

Below are the pictures of the place I’ll be getting married.

It is absolutely breath-taking. I cannot remember the name of the resort; I think it’s something like Garden Resort. Anyway, D says it is an amazing place. The resort sits on the edge of a cliff and beyond the lawn fences all you see is a beautiful valley and Pune city. We’ve decided not to decorate much and just do the peacock colored lighting on the trees. Luckily for us, our ceremony will be in the late afternoon and the reception later that evening. So, we’ll see a beautiful sunset off the cliff and as the sun sets the alluring green and blue lighting will appear.

Generally in India the color theme is gold, red or burgundy with white table clothes. So, I think I might have some difficulty with finding blue, green or gold table clothes and chair covers. But I’ve asked my mom to bring some Peacock feathers from India and am hoping to create some sort of table decoration pieces and take them to India with me. Who knows, maybe I’ll even try to find some cheap but elegant table cloths here.

My bridal shower will also be a peacock color theme, so we’ll probably use the decoration pieces at the bridal shower and then reuse them in India for the reception.

As you can see, I’m super excited about getting married. Initially, I didn’t want a big wedding. I was completely happy with getting married in a temple with a limited amount of people who are close to me attending. However, D’s always wanted a big wedding and so we’re doing it his way. People who know me or know my “story” will know why a big wedding wasn’t my first choice. Anyway, let’s not go down that memory lane. What’s done is done and now I look towards my future with D, my finally happily ever after. J

So, I’ve got to get back to work now. Do let me know what you all think of the site. I’ll try to post pictures of the theme and my other ideas as they evolve.

Missed all of you!



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