How We Met

A year ago today, September 26th, 2010, my ex-roommate and cousin, Manu got married to Nit. I was her unofficial maid-of-honor and D was Nit’s unofficial best-man. I say unofficial because neither one of us were officially appointed this position in the wedding and somehow just inherited it by the tasks we preformed. Part of my unofficial duty was to drive Manu to the temple as was D’s to get Nit there. On the way I was supposed to pick up flowers and D was supposed to pick up mitai (Indian sweets). I didn’t have proper directions to get to the temple, so I asked Manu to get them from Nit. He didn’t have proper directions either and ended up passing the phone to D and Manu gave me the phone at our end. It was the first time I talked to D but there was no formality, no shyness or weird introduction. We spoke to each other as if we’d known each other all our lives. We ended up joking around while driving and finally I got the directions from him.

After arriving at the temple, I was introduced to him and Nit’s other friends. But even then, there was no shyness or weirdness at all. Because Manu’s wedding was a small one, part of my job was to take pictures and on the other hand, Nit had appointed D to take photos for them. So, we both took pictures and constantly crossed each others paths. Sometimes me in front of him, sometimes him in front of me. Sometimes, me giving him my camera so I could get in some of the pictures. Sometimes, him giving me his camera.

After the ceremony, there is normally a silly ritual that the sister-of-the-bride performs. I needed to steal Nit’s shoes so he couldn’t leave the hall and take Manu away, unless he paid me for his shoes. However, I didn’t know which shoes Nit wore. So, I called over D and Jaz and tried sweet-talking them into helping me. But after a lot of convincing, they agreed that if I shared whatever money I got from Nit with them they’d help me. So, I agreed and they went and found me his shoes. I took the shoes and hid them. Finally when Nit and Manu were ready to leave the temple, Nit looked all over for his shoes. His suspicion finally pointed to me and so I told him I wouldn’t give him his shoes unless he paid me for them. Finally he agreed to give me $101 in return for his shoes. I gave him his shoes and almost immediately D and Jaz came over for their share. I laughed and denied them any of the money and went towards my car. They didn’t argue either.

We all left the temple in our cars and went to the restaurant for lunch. There D and I again spoke briefly and then Manu and I invited all the guys over to our place for drinks and dinner. D rejected since he had to go to work but Jaz and Nit agreed.

Later that evening I told Manu that I really liked D and wanted to get to know him better. She was shocked, especially since I had just come out of a long term relationship and secondly because I normally didn’t date Indian guys. Anyway, that night Nit and Manu had me call D and invite him over. By the time he finished work and reached our house, we were all pretty tipsy. He joined in with the drinks and laughter easily.

I had bought a couple of bottles of champagne and after shots and one too many drinks shook up the bottle of champagne and popped it open. Champagne went every where. I blasted some of it on Manu and Nit and Jaz. Jaz and I actually ended up having a huge champagne fight somehow managed to soak D as well. D grabbed a bottle of Sprite and splashed it on me. We were all soaked. I ran to my bedroom to change, came out and brought t-shirts and towels for the guys. They happily accepted the towels and t-shirts and one-by-one used the bathroom to quickly shower and dry themselves up. After everyone was all cleaned up and drunk, we brought out dinner and we all sat down together and ate.

It was nearly 5:00 am by the time dinner/early breakfast was done. All of the guys slept on the sofas and Manu and I went into our separate rooms to go to sleep. I had to be at work by 8:00 am, so I showered and got ready. As I was about to leave the house, I noticed D asleep on one of the couches. He looked so peaceful and perfect. I quickly took out my cell phone and snapped a photo of him sleeping and rushed out the door.

That was the beginning of many parties held at our apartment and the beginning of D and I “getting to know each other”.

As the weeks progressed, I started falling for D hard. I was convinced that was I was in love with him after only 3 weeks of meeting him and I told him so. Like any man out there, his first reaction was to call me crazy and immediately distance himself from me. He didn’t answer my calls after that for nearly 2 days; at which point my need to get closer to him arose. So, I drove over to his place, luckily he was home. We ended up going for a walk down on Lakeshore Blvd. and got to know each other’s pasts.

Ad the days progressed, we grew closer. One night when everyone was over, I offered to make dinner if D, who is a professional bartender made cocktails. He agreed and while he was in the kitchen mixing drinks, I came over and stood in front of the fridge. We were all pretty drunk at that time and so when he leaned forward to grab ice from the freezer he got super close to me and finally kissed me. That kiss must’ve lasted a really long time because after that I don’t remember the rest of that evening at all. That was October 10, 2010.

For me 10-10-10 became our official anniversary date. After that, our relationship just developed and here we are today, about to be married.

It’s shocking when I think back to this day a year ago; I had no clue the powers above were planning for me to meet my prince charming today. Funny how things happen. I thought marriage was far away from me. I used to wonder if I’d ever find him. I wondered if I’d ever have my happily ever after and look at me now. 🙂

Blushingly yours,



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