Ashtami – The End of Navratri

Tomorrow is Ashtami, also known as Kanchke and the end of Navratri. Because I have to get to work early tomorrow morning, I am preparing the festive food tonight. I’ve made kalay channay (black chickpeas) and halwa. First thing in the morning I will light a diya and do aarti (prayer). Then we’ll offer the Gods some of the food I’ve prepared and then have some as parsad (blessed food).

Also on Kanchke, we will offer 9 virgin girls food and some money to gain their blessings as well. Unfortunately for me, my mom is in India at this time so I’m not sure who besides my niece to offer the food to, so after work tomorrow, D and I will donate the other 8 offerings at the temple.

I’ll try to provide some definitions and details behind Ashtami and Kanchke tomorrow when I have some time.

Until then, blessings to all and hope all celebrating this auspicious time are doing so with grace, love and devotion.


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