Make a list of 5 things you’re afraid to write about

The Daily Post prompt was to make a list of five things I’m afraid to write about. One of my main reasons if blogging anonymously is that I don’t want people knowing who I am and the things I write.

Of course, writing anonymously does take away a bit of that fear, I still have my limitations.

Five things I’m afraid to write about and why:

1. My life.
Things I’ve done in my childhood and teen years would get me in a lot if trouble if I openly disclosed them. Many people including my family would be hurt to know of them. I was an obnoxious person back then, who didn’t care what others thought or said and that same obnoxiousness combined with ignorance had me doing things I’m not so proud of now.

2. My employer.
I’ve worked for the same employer for over three years and there are many things I’ve seen and heard. Sometimes I wish I could write about them but then I think to myself that it is just my point of view; which may not actually be the complete truth. Plus, I’m loyal to my employer, hence, why I’m still working for them even after certain unfair things have happened.

3. Certain Political Issues.
A while ago, I feared to write a post about Neda Agha-Soltan. The circumstances around her death caused many controversial issues around the world. Many people that supported the fight against her death were penalized. I too was nervous to put my opinion out there. But I did with some caution. Things like that raise caution alerts for me; which is why I probably don’t write about them as much as my heart desires.

4. My family.
I love my family dearly and cherish each and every individual equally. But things they do and say get on my last nerve at times and sometimes I wish I could vent my heart off about them. But with my anonymity they too deserve to be anonymous. Since, certain people who do read my blog are also involved in my real life, I decided a long time ago that I wouldn’t write about my family and their secrets to avoid them from being judged.

5. Financial Details.
Although, I do write about certain financial issues I’m having, I’ve tried hard not to disclose crucial details. As the above, I fear being judged by the people who do read my blog and are active in my real life.

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