Karva Chauth 2011 – Fasting For His Life, Officially

Image taken from http://www.yousigma.com

Karva Chauth is on October 15th, this year. I’m super excited. Last year, I fasted for D on Karva Chauth. He wasn’t my husband. He wasn’t even my fiance. But I fell in love with him hard and I knew in my heart that he would be the one, sooner or later. But this year, he will be my fiance on Karva Chauth and I will fast for his long life, prosperity and happiness again and it will be different because he will be my husband very soon and the significance of the fast becomes so much more precious.

Last year, I wrote an article on Karva Chauth, the history behind it and my fast. You can read that article here. So, this year, I won’t talk about the history behind it. If you do want more information, Wikipedia (my favorite site) and this site, can provide you all the details you need.

On or the day after Karva Chauth, I will post pictures of my mehndi (henna), my engagement ring, the prayers, my outfit and the ceremony over all.

So, stay tuned! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Karva Chauth 2011 – Fasting For His Life, Officially”

    1. Why are you praying for your Fiance? And yes the 15th is a great day to fast for him. You can read my post from last year about the details or the links I shared this time for Wikipedia and the other site. This Saturday is a very important day for all Hindu brides and wives.


      1. That’s very sweet. I recommend you keep the fast on the 15th then, my dear. But you’ll need to get up before sunrise and pray and have a meal. Then you will not eat or drink for the rest of the day until the moon comes out. Once the moon rises, you may have your fiance feed you water and food and then officially your fast is over and you may eat properly. Also, remember to put on henna and dress in red tones and fancy yourself up like a bride would. 🙂 Good luck with the fast and do share your photos.


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