My Cats: Bella and Jack

Bella & Jack Snuggling

Three years ago I made a decision to adopt a cat from the Toronto Humane Society. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. She, Bella, turned my life upside down. I was so in love with her. She was small, soft, cute and almost instantly warmed up to me.

But I was at work a lot and out of the house for lengthy periods of time everyday. My baby was home alone by herself for most of the day; which made me think of getting her a companion for her lonely days. I returned to the Humane Society ready to adopt another cat. As I walked around and couldn’t feel what I ha when I first found Bella, I decided I would look elsewhere. Right as I was leaving, my eye caught this adorable black and white tabby. Jack was larger than Bella but he immediately warmed up to me.

I brought Jack home that and within days after that, Bella and Jack were good friends and playing nicely. I too was at peace knowing my little girl had someone to keep her busy while I was out.

But times change. People change. Our immune system changes. Our allergies change. Sadly for me, I became severely allergic to both my babies.

Their hair, once soft and cuddle, now becomes unbearable, causing hives and rashes. I cannot hug them, not even pet them. I’ve tried allergy medicine, both prescribed and over the counter to no relief. I’ve had to come to the sad conclusion that I have to get rid of them. Although, D has grown to love them dearly and the topic brings sadness to his face, a decision had to be made. I cannot suffer anymore. My asthma is triggered by my allergies and I cannot go through anymore ventilin. my asthma is getting worst and this sacrifice needs to be made.

So, I’ve called around, I’ve placed ads on Kijiji and Craigslist trying to find a loving home for my darlings. But no one wants 3-4 year old cats. Everyone wants kittens. My only two options are to return them to the Toronto Humane Society or take them to the Toronto Animal Services.

I’m saddened but I’ve got to look for a good home for them or at least a good center to care for them.

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2 thoughts on “My Cats: Bella and Jack”

  1. I’d really really suggest you make an appointment to surrender them to the Toronto Humane Society. They don’t ever euthanise for space and these two will have a second chance to find a home (they have a good screening process as well for adopters). If you go to the THS website you’ll find what steps to take to make an appt to surrender them (they ask for an appt so they have time to ask you the relevant questions to capture the cats personality’s, needs etc)


    1. Thank you for your suggestions, Carol. I have spoken to the THS and they won’t give me an appt until 2 months. I would love to wait that long except my allergies and asthma have become quite severe. I use so much of my puffer a day that my lung specialist is strictly monitoring my doses as over use of ventilin may cause heart problems.

      I’m still looking for other homes for my babies. My heart breaks at the thought of it all but right now my health is declining and I have to make this tough decision.

      Once again, thank you for your suggestions. I will try contacting THS but I’m doubtful of their response.


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