Exhaustion Is A Very Bad Thing

My mind, my body, me overall is exhausted. This week has definitely been too much for me to handle. Right now, the only pleasing thing in the world is to lay down on my bed and sleep for endless hours. Unfortunately, that is not possible just yet.

Let’s sum up this week:

1. Engagement on Sunday early in the morning.
2. Monday morning work at 8am. Then the evening spent running deliveries and waiting tables. Came home at 10:30pm, made dinner for D and myself and then off to bed by 1am.
3. Tuesday morning again at work by 8am and then back at the restaurant until 9pm, then home, dinner and 1am bed-time.
4. Wednesday morning up at 5:45am and at work by 6:45am. Left work at noon and went home to D. Cleaned the house, showered, changed and off to Guelph to pick up some of D’s mail. 2.5 hours in traffic later finally reached Guelph. Stayed there for 20 minutes and then another 1.5 hours drive back to Toronto. On the way to Toronto my mom calls and says to pick her up from my dad’s restaurant. Picked her up, went over to her place to celebrate Diwali and have dinner. Came home by 9pm and lit Diyas and prayed at our home. Off to bed at 1:30am.
5. Thursday up again at 5:45am and at work by 7:30am. Stayed at work until 4:30pm and then back to the restaurant to run deliveries and wait tables. Left restaurant at 9pm, picked up cat food , milk, eggs and came home. Changed and did the dishes and cooked dinner for D. Picked up D from train station at 11:15pm, came home, heated up food for him, after he ate, had a cup of tea, ironed his clothes for the morning and off to sleep at 2am.
6. Friday morning, woke up at 7:30am, got ready and arrived at work at 8:30am. Will end up staying here until 6pm-ish and then back home. The I’ll pick up my mom from her home and drive her to the restaurant around 9:30pm. Come home after that, prepare dinner for D and I and then wait for him to call to pick him up from the train station. By the time he gets home, eats and has tea it’ll be 1am. Will sit with him for a bit and chat and then off to bed by 2am. And then Saturday morning he’s got work early so we’ll be back up at 8am.

Phew! What a week. After he goes to work on Saturday morning I pan to sleep the day away.

I am so exhausted that I’ve bickered at everyone around me. I’m easily frustrated and irritated and seem to be in a bad mood since early this morning. I really need a break. My exhaustion is getting the best of me and I don’t like the person I have been this week.

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