Sleepy Saturday

I have nothing to write about today. I’ve slept most of the day in bed, sleeping and lying around. I watched a Hindi movie called Taare Zameen Pe; which means stars on the ground. It’s a movie about children with Dyslexia and how parents fail to recognize their child’s learning disabilities. It was quite a good movie, produced by Aamir Khan. He’s one of my favorite producers as he touches tough topics to film his movie on.

After the movie, I fell asleep again and just woke up. I’ve got to shower and get ready as D and I are going out for dinner tonight. It seems like we haven’t been out in a long time. We’ve tightened our budget so much trying to pay offs debts that there hasn’t been any money to go out.

So, I’m going to dress up tonight and put on makeup and try to look pretty. 🙂

Will write again tomorrow. Hope all of your weekends are going great too!



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