Happy Halloween, Kiddies!

Hope everyone had a scary but fun and safe Halloween!

I was home sick for most of the day and after an appointment with the doctor and the meds he gave, I’m feeling much better. I even managed to do se deliveries for my dad this evening.

It was nice to see so many Toronto Police patrolling the streets tonight. With all those little kiddies out and about, I was many Police cruisers on main roads and side streets. Looks like the police services have uped their game this year.

It’s assuring to know that your kids, nieces or nephews are safe out there.

Cheers to the Toronto Police services tonight!


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween, Kiddies!”

  1. When there is too many police insight for me it is a red alert. Means something is possible to happen, in which they are there if it does. And it also means they are there so watch out.
    For the meantime enjoy the rest of the night and be happy.


    1. That’s true. But I’d rather see them out and about than not. With them being around, drivers are kept in line and use caution when passing through small streets.


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