My Birthday is Two Weeks Away!

Two weeks from today, is my birthday! I’m turning 29 and I’m super excited! I have nothing planned for the day, besides work and going for a coffee with my boss and colleague/friend. Then home to my parents house and probably wait for D to come home from work.

Even though, I haven’t made any special plans, I’m still excited. Before last year, I hated my birthday because somehow the people in my life and me seemed to f*** it up year-over-year.

Last year I promised myself that I wouldn’t let anyone determine how I spent my birthday and whether I was happy or sad on it. I would make my day what I wanted it to be. So, last year, I started to drink really early in the day and continued drinking throughout and spent various parts of the day with my friends and family. Then I ended the night with a few friends who surprised me with a cake and D with a cake too. I cut three cakes last year on my birthday. Sure, one I bought for myself. But nonetheless, it was a birthday to never forget.

This year, I plan to do the same thing. Birthday weekend (November 12-13), I’m spending with friends and family. But on my actual birthday, or the Monday before it, I’m taking the day off, getting a mani-pedi and then having a couple of drinks. If anyone wants to join me, they’re welcome to. If not, I’m still having a good day! Plus, this year, I’m getting myself a nice Terra-Masu cake. Yum!

I can’t wait!


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