Remembrance – Lest We Forget

 Remembrance Day is being celebrated across the world today. We remember our fallen soldiers around the world that gave their lives for our freedom and future.

In Canada‘s capital, Ottawa, hundreds gathered to pay their respects to Canada’s fallen soldiers at the National War Memorial. While, many other cities across Canada also held ceremonies and events to remember the soldiers.

For me, I take this day to remember those soldiers that sacrificed their lives so me and my family could live a peaceful life today in this country we now call our home. But I also remember those soldiers back home that have sacrificed their lives in India for India’s independence and freedom from the British.

So, I close my eyes at 11am and thank each and every one of those souls for everything they’ve done to help our today.

As you go about your day, do take a moment to remember those fallen soldiers that brought freedom to you and your loved ones and make sure to share what Remembrance Day means to you.


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