Launching A Content Campaign

Launching a seasonal content and sponsorship campaign can be one heck of a big deal. There are so many elements that need to come together to execute the campaign smoothly and effectively.

Editorial. Check. Creative and User-Experience. Check. Product. Check. Business. Check. Sales. Check. So, what are we missing? Leadership!

You can get all your elements and departments together but without leadership, it’s extremely hard to execute a project successfully. I’ve learned that recently.

Did the Product Manager lack leadership? Probably not. They did everything they could to bring the Project Manager up to speed. But after that it’s up to the Project Manager to take ownership of the elements and when business decisions need to be made, they should be directed to the Business Owners aka Product Managers.

I’m not going to play the blame game. Really it doesn’t matter who did or didn’t do what. Quite frankly, both our Product and Project Managers are talent and smart. They each hold exceptional qualifications and could have been a strong pair, had they not started off on the wrong foot. They’re professional relationship was/is mixed with friendship and so on the receiving side aka Product, expectations are high and on the producing side aka Project, expectations are lenient. I feel that combination was a mixture of drama and confusion.

Nonetheless, the initiative was executed today. There were lots of hiccups and bumps along the way but the task was done.

If you haven’t figured, I work in the media industry and am a coordinator for our Network Products. So, I too am a business owner, well sort of. I directly support the business owner.

Anyway, today was one heck of a day. I’m just happy it’s over and we can move forward in bettering the process and expectations.


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