My Day, I Mean Birthday

Cake, sparkling wine, roses, presents and money. What a birthday!

Got home late last night from the restaurant. It was almost time to pick up D from the subway station. So, I decided to go start to Kennedy station and waited for him there. 15 minutes later, I got a phone call from him wondering where I was. He was at home hoping to surprise me. So, I rushed home and to my surprise all the lights in the house were switched off. But there were so many candles lit and in the middle of my coffee table was a beautiful bouquet of roses.

I literally grabbed him and just kissed him so hard. I know he didn’t buy me an expensive present or anything like that, but he did something, something romantic and special. He put some thought in it and I’ll remember that more than any present he ever buys me. He kept saying he felt bad for not getting me anything special. But little does he know how special that was for me.

Thinking that was all to the surprise, I was just about ready to heat up dinner when he suddenly decided to take the recycling downstairs. When he came up, my parents and cousin and her husband were all with him and they had a cake. I was so surprised! It was great to have my family there, too bad my younger brother, sister and sister-in-law and nephews and niece weren’t with them.

Regardless though, it was great! And tonight, my mom held dinner for all of us at their house. I haven’t had a family get together on my birthday in a long time.

After my family left, D and I opened a bottle of sparkling wine and then had a candlelit dinner.

What a great day! I am truly blessed and counting my prayers. 🙂

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