Stupid Mistakes – History Repeats Itself Once Again

I’ve battled LIFE lately. It seems as though nothing has gone right. Even though D continues to assure me that things are and will be getting better, I am left hopeless at times.

With this battle of life, I’ve learnt a couple of things.
1. Shit happens, you get over it and then you move on to the next thing.
2. It’s extremely easy for history to repeat itself over and over.
3. Not everyone who seems like your friend probably isn’t your friend and people who seem like your enemy may actually turn out to be one of your best allies.

So, I learnt these lessons this week. I tossed and turned all week, battling anything and everything that came in my past and for what? Just to wind up fucking up all over again.

I was so close to resolving the issues I’ve had and removing all the obstacles. One stupid move landed me back at the steps of every obstacle I’ve overcome in the past. History has repeated itself. And I am at the verge of breaking down. I feel battered and exhausted. I’ve seem to lost all hope. I just want to escape, to vanish. I don’t know what else is left for me to do to fix things and keep things steady and smooth. I can’t seem to catch a break from this streak of bad-luck.

Yes, that is me screaming. I’m frustrated and just want to give up. I want to call it quits. I’m hating everything around me right now.

Goodbye! I must stop writing right now.


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