Maybe It’s Time To Move On

How long is too long for being at the same employer? When do you stop being loyal to your employer? When do you finally make the decision to move on and part ways with all your colleagues and friends you’ve made along the way? When do you finally say enough is enough?

I’m standing in front of all those questions right now. I’m questioning my loyalty towards my employer. I’m arguing with myself whether I love my job enough to stay or not. I’m seeking a sign begging me to stay where I am and not move on.

But these days it seems hard to find that sign. The economy has changed drastically. The work environment had changed drastically. Everyone is out to save themselves. Everyone is on edge with the anxiety of becoming unemployed. I too have that anxiety. But no matter how much I try I seem to continuously get stuck with these questions and thoughts.

One part of me wants to leave and the other part of me wants to stay. I am quite confused. I have a good job. Does it pay enough? Probably not. My boss is a good man. He just has his days when being his employee makes me question my role. But I know he’s only human and everyone has their off days.

I know the job market it is quite hard right now. I know people are unemployed and unable to find jobs. I know I have a permanent job at a well reputable company. But I’ve been unhappy a lot lately. I feel under-appreciated. I feel like I can go above and beyond for my employer and it doesn’t seem to be enough, my one fault gets blown out of proportion. But all my contributions go unforeseen. This leaves me confused and questioning the integrity of my job.

Do I hang in there and hope that things get better? Or do I start looking around? What would you do if you were in this situation? Would you leave and risk finding another permanent job? Or stay put and hope thing get better? Share your thoughts. I’d love to hear what all of you have to say about this situation I’m in.


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