Chicken and the Egg

Here’s a question to ponder; what came first; the chicken or the egg?

In the media industry, visitors and sales go hand-in-hand. One without the other is pointless. If you don’t build initiatives and campaigns to intrigue visitors to your site, then how will you sell to those top-dog brands and get them to advertise on your site? Without the visitors, you have no success story to tell your clients; which means those marketing dollars your client has budgeted aside will be spent elsewhere.

Many times a day this question is raised; why build something if there isn’t a sponsor attached to it? And I think that the people with this type of thinking are quite block-headed. They are stuck in the misunderstanding that if you bring sponsors the visitors will come. That maybe true to some extent; however, if you don’t build campaigns, micro sites, etc. then how will you convince the sponsors to advertise with you?

I totally get it, they’re trying to save money. But how the hell do you make money by not spending money? Especially with the volume of digital competitors out there and growing daily. I think it’s time we get rid of the save money to grow money thinking and put our foot forward and get with the program!

Money brings money. If spent well, it will bring revenue.Times are changing, shouldn’t we??


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