Executing and Delivering

Yesterday was an extremely busy and stressful day for me. Since last Thursday, I have worked with an agency to get a promotion up. It came in last-minute and required many elements to execute it. And in the midst of everything going on yesterday, I completely forgot to write my daily post. So, today, I thought I’d write two posts; one for yesterday and one for today. 🙂

Anyway, the promotion is actually a contest that is running on our site. The prizing is provided by the client and we’re providing all the media/advertising. It’s a great initiative; which hopefully will contribute to our goal of delivering four million page views for the overall initiative we launched in mid-November.

Let’s talk about the contest and executing it a bit. There are so many elements that need to go into place to make sure everything is perfect before launching. Although, most of the time it’s the creative work that doesn’t come-in in on time, this time, that wasn’t the case. This time, we didn’t have the legal contra-agreement signed-off in time. So, I spent most of the day yesterday running between my boss’ office and the VP’s office, trying to get this thing signed-off so that I could let know all the members involved to push this to production (aka set it live on the site). 

After a days worth of running around and bugging anyone and everyone I possibly could to get the sign-off, it finally came at exactly 4:35pm. That’s pretty much the end-of-the-day and our UX (aka User Experience) team does not live to execute initiatives on Fridays, let alone at the end of the day on Friday. I really pushed everyone this time. But the developer assigned to this project is an amazing guy and he stayed a bit late to help me execute. Finally, at 4:58pm, it was live. I swear, I would’ve popped champagne bottles and jumped up and down.

I quickly called and emailed the agency reps I was working with and they too, showed their relief and excitement to finally see this thing live. All done and set apart, this morning the first thing I did was turn on my laptop and go to the site to check it out. And there it was, my beautiful banner across the site’s index page. I showed D and joked, that all that work and lack of sleep I went through all week was just for that small little banner. I just laughed to myself and said “Yup! Just for the banner and the sign-up page.”

But you know, looking at that small little banner brought me real joy this morning. It was like an adrenaline to get so close to having it go live and then be stopped in my tracks because of a signature. The adrenaline just pushed me. I had to have it live yesterday or I wasn’t going home. And now, when I look at this thing, I am so proud of myself that I delivered when I promised I would.

So I’m going to celebrate tonight. I deserve it. This is my first official project that had revenue attached to it and I proved myself, my boss and the product manager I worked on this for that I am capable of delivering in a short-turnaround time.

Three cheers for me! Hip-hip-horray! 🙂


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