Sometimes Guys Should Get Roses Too

Lately, D ha been super sweet. I wanted to show him that I appreciated it. What better way to show him I love him and appreciate him other than giving him roses?

Yesterday when I went to pick him up, I placed a rose on the passenger seat of my Jeep. When he got in the car, he looked at it, smiled and said thanks baby. For the next 20 minutes after that, I gave him one more rose every fiver minutes. He was happy and asked why I was giving them. But I didn’t say anything except that I told him that I loved him with each rose I gave. He seemed happy to receive them.

After the last rose, I told him I had another small present for him in the back seat. He quickly turned around and discovered the case of beer. He asked again what the occasion was and I said nothing other than that I loved him.

We got home, I fixed up snacks and the beer and he placed the roses in a vase. It was a good evening.

See, sometimes it’s okay to give a guy roses. They do appreciate it! 🙂



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