My Identity

I’ve been asked recently from one of my readers why I don’t disclose my identity, why I don’t display a picture of myself on my blog. And those questions have stirred a dispute in my mind. Those questions have been on my mind for some time and now that I’ve been asked, I can’t stop thinking about it.

It’s not that I don’t want to disclose my identity. Do I fear being judged? Possibly. Do I fear hurting people in my life with my opinion so boldly stated? Possibly. Do I fear being misrepresented due to my content by colleagues, my employer and other affiliates? Definitely.

My blog has always been the place where I went to show my frustrations and vent. It’s been my home for letting out everything I have in me, whether good or bad. Its been my place to talk about whatever I wanted without being judged. And now, to just expose myself, would probably leave me a little vulnerable.

You see the other thing is that many of my family and friends don’t know the battles I’m fighting. In front of them, I have a happy, strong demeanor. I’m the one that can get through anything life throws at her. But if they read my posts and saw how much I was battling behind that demeanor, it might cause concern for them. Do I really want to be the subject of people’s questions? No. I don’t.

So, do I tell everyone who I really am or continue to live on my blog as Tamana and/or Serene?

What are you thoughts? Do you show your true identity on your blog? Or are you anonymously writing? Share your thoughts. I’d love to hear what others are doing.


5 thoughts on “My Identity”

  1. Interesting, i understand you completely. I blogged before with a pseudonym too, and it is incredibly liberating. However, now that I blog with my own name and identity, somehow it’s far more liberating. it’s real and I am the person I really am. Yes, probably more vulnerable, but stronger because I don’t mind saying what I feel. Just my two cents… though I do respect your reasons for wanting to keep it under wraps.

    PS: been I while since I commented but I have been reading you! Loved the post on romance.


  2. I blog as a “nickname”. Everyone knows me as Lee “Cdn” Stormlover. Essentially, I am myself on there….all but my surname. I own a business in Barrie/Innisfil and I have to be careful about colleagues or clients finding my blog. My private life is kept separate from my business life. My family life is fairly separate as well (although my brothers have the link to my blog). There are a lot of things I don’t want to express to friends or certain family members. Hence the blog. It’s my SAFE place to come and vent, express, purge, etc.
    I respect those who wish to remain “hidden” for whatever reasons.


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