Still Packing…Sigh!

While packing and lifting boxes around yesterday, I managed to also pull a muscle in my back. Yay! NOT!!!!

So, I stayed home from work today and decided to get some rest. But as I look around my house, I still wonder how I’ll manage to finish packing in time for Friday morning. D really hasn’t helped at all. Sure, he’s been at work all week and is exhausted when he comes home at night. But still! I’m in pain and I’m allowed to complain about having to do everything on my own.

Plus, yesterday he told me he wasn’t taking the full day off work on Friday and “HAS TO” go to work in the evening. Then when I got upset, he wondered why I was making such a big deal out of it. Sometimes, men can be such asshats! I mean, come on!!!! I found the house on my own. I’m packing on my own and now I pretty much have to move and unpack on my own.

He doesn’t get it and frankly, I am too tired, frustrated and overwhelmed to bother explaining.

Anyway, pain-killers have started kicking in so I’m going to take a quick nap and hopefully wake up refreshed, less sore and able to start packing again.

Will post again later…


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