Finally Some Wedding Shopping

Today I finally get to do some wedding shopping. Well, more like lingerie shopping for after the wedding. But still, if it wasn’t for the wedding I wouldn’t be doing lingerie shopping at all.

My mom has offered to take me to La Vie En Rose to get some nightgowns, sleepwear and lingerie. She says it’s mandatory to not wear track pants and sweats after the wedding. Lol. And well, because I’m no longer having a bridal shower, she’s offering to pay for the things I need and I am definitely okay with that. 🙂

I really haven’t done any wedding type shopping yet, mainly because Toronto is so expensive. Plus, I can find way cheaper stuff in India and so, I’ve held off on making any purchases. But honestly, I don’t like the lingerie or cosmetics in India. I mean, sure they have Canadian goods there. But the prices for Canadian goods is nearly double what I’d pay here.

So, today we are off to buy me some lingerie and make up for the wedding. I’m super excited!

I better hurry up and get ready. Will post again later.


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