Count Down to 2012

With only two days remaining in 2011, I’m all geared up to getting started with 2012. Sure, 2011 hasn’t been all that bad. I’ve done a lot, a lot has happened and so on, so forth. But 2012, bright, shiny 2012 at this point seems like a heaven send. I’m getting married. I’ve already moved into a new home with D. I’m going to India. I plan to evolve my role at work and possibly increase my pay. So, many changes. It’s going to be great. I’m going to make sure it’s great.

I have so much enthusiasm for this New Year. I’m super psyched about all the changes that will be coming in my life. I’ll share all the changes, resolutions and hopes for the New Year as it begins.

For now, lets enjoy what’s left of 2011 and bid it farewell with family, friends and loved ones. I plan on having a small get together at our new place on the first to ring the New Year and say our goodbyes for 2011. Hope you’re all planning something similar. Do share how 2011 has been for you and what you hope to do, see and accomplish in 2012.


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