Goodbye 2011. Welcome 2012.

2011 is gone! 2012 is finally here!!!! Here’s a drink to 2012 and all the shine, sparkle and change it promises to bring with it.

Leave what 2011 gave you behind. Forget all the sorrows and all the pains of that dreadful year. Close all those doors of misery and heartache. Forget all those financial woes.

2012 is finally here. With it comes the beginning of the new life, a brighter future and many beautiful moments. Everything we didn’t do in 2011 is available for us to do in 2012. All the battles we fought in 2011 are long gone now, as 2012 holds new challenges and new hopes and dreams for us.

So join me when I raise my glass of champagne and bid 2011 goodbye. Take a sip for 2011 and toast to welcome 2012.

Here’s wishing all of you a fantastic, prosperous new year.

Happy 2012 Lovies. Muah!


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