New Year’s Day

Yesterday was one of the best New Year‘s day ever. D and I prepared a feast and my family and a couple of D’s friends came over for dinner and drinks. It was superb! I really think everyone enjoyed themselves. And D and I got great compliments for the food.

Besides all of that, I really enjoyed cooking and preparing everything with D. He’s had chef training, so I always get to learn something new when he’s in the kitchen with me. Plus, he loved experimenting with food, so I get to try all his weird, crazy ideas. Most of the time they’re delicious, just don’t tell him that.

So, all in all, yesterday was a big hit. My parents were quite impressed by how well I handled my guests and had everything prepared. I’m glad about that the most. Shows how well I’ve been raised and I know both my parents were proud of me yesterday.

The New Year has started off just perfect. I really hope the rest of the year continues like this if not better. And I hope all of your New Year’s started off with a bang too!


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