Sick As Hell

Ever since the day we moved into our new place I have been battling a fever, headache and the flu. Just when u think I have started feeling better, I start feeling sick again. I’m not sure why this is happening, I’ve covered myself up every time I go outside and I’ve been getting plenty of rest. But it just won’t go away. And I’m sick of it!

So, finally today I am going to the doctors to get checked up and diagnosed. I already he’s just going to give me an antibiotic and tell me to rest and drink lots of liquids throughout the day. But with my asthma, I’ve been wheezing terribly too, so I’m getting that checked out too. People like, asthmatics and people with weak immune systems are at very high risks of Pneumonia. I probably don’t have pneumonia but better to be safe than sorry; which is why I must rush to get ready for my doctor’s appointment. Gotta go!


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