Instagram vs. WordPress

As many have you may have noticed, I am now posting many photographs. Actually, all of my posts are photos I’ve taken using my iPhone and uploaded to Instagram. Plus, I have my Instagram account set up to automatically post my photos on Twitter, Posterous, and Tumblr. Twitter then posts my tweets on WordPress; which is why you see all the # signs and tags.

Until recently I didn’t know about Instagram. But now that I do, I am totally in love with it and have been using it multiple times a day. But that doesn’t mean that I’ve abandoned blogging and writing actual posts.

Actually, the thing is that I’m preparing myself for my trip to India and all the photographs I plan on taking during my trip. Also, since I won’t be taking my phone there with me, I won’t be blogging for the whole month. But I’m preparing myself and will be leaving all of you with numerous pre-written posts that will automatically post on my blog daily or weekly.

This will ensure none of you are left without content to read and when I come back you’ll all be waiting for me. 🙂

So, I have a real treat for all of you. I’m preparing a series of posts about my life. Yes, these are like my memoirs! Excited yet? I sure as hell am. I’ve tried to write my memoirs numerous times and never completed them. Then as life went on I never updated them and deleted the old and began again. But this time, I’m preparing posts about the first few years of my life and them a series of posts about the last 10 years of my life. This is an in-depth look at who I really am and what I’ve done. Plus, you’ll get to read about the relationships I went through over the last 10 years, right up to the wedding in March.

I really hope you’ll all enjoy them and share your feedback and your own experiences with me. So, when I come back I’ll have lots to read about all of you.

The wedding is in March and I leave for India on March 3rd. I’ll post regularly up until the 3rd and starting the 4th, a piece of who I am will be shared with all of you daily or every other day.

So, for now, enjoy the photos I upload and my posts and get ready for the beginning of my life! 🙂


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