44 Days Until India

There are only 44 days left before I leave for India and I can’t wait to get out of this -10 temperature! I’m so excited to be in a hot environment, especially now when the weather here in Toronto is fluctuating so much. Yesterday it was 10 degrees Celsius and today -10 degrees but with windchill it feels like -25. This winter has been so up and down and because of the constant drops and rises, in having a heck of a time getting better.

Delhi on the other hand is plus 5 degrees at night and nearly 20 degrees during the day. Not very hot but I’d take plus 5 over -20 any day. And even better, Pune is plus 9 at night and 24 during the day.

I just cannot wait any longer. My excitement is driving me nuts. I know I still have a lot of things to do and buy before then. But still, I just wish the days would speed up so March was finally here.

Anxiously counting down the days,



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