I Totally Get It Now

A year ago today a visitor to my blog wrote:

I’m a bit older than you…I spent 8 years in a crappy, often abusive marriage. I recently celebrated 9 years of a marriage with a man who is my best friend. Whether it’s my age or the length of time I’ve been married I don’t know, but I do appreciate Valentine’s Day and all the romantic stuff associated with it. My husband & I say ‘I love you’ every day, we have snuggle time, we make time for dates…I suppose for me it’s a day for a little extra specialness

I totally know what she means now. The extra day of specialness is much needed in all relationships. I mean, I don’t expect to be wined and dined at some fancy expensive restaurant that would leave a hole in my dearest D’s wallet. But yes, its true, having that extra day to feel extra special is definitely needed.

Sadly though, D isn’t the romantic type when it comes to thinking about that special day. He does buy me roses here and there and takes good care of me. But today I feel like something is missing. Like I want what my other girlfriends are experiencing today. As corny as it sounds, I too wanted to be surprised at work with roses and chocolates. I too wanted to get dressed up and go out to a romantic candlelight dinner and I too wanted to go for that romantic walk under the moonlight. I just wanted to feel special.

Instead, I’m sitting at home alone. I haven’t even talked to D all evening. I love him dearly and thought of surprising him with another romantic dinner and wine and all that stuff. But it seems like I’m always the one going out of my way to make him feel extra special. I’ve done the romantic dinners and roses and remember during the summer I even did the moonlight balcony picnic? But I don’t even so much as get a romantic text message these days and quite frankly I’m annoyed.

I know love should be around all year long and trust me, it is. He’s very loving but you know that feeling of being appreciated and feeling special, I haven’t gotten that in a while.

Valentine’s Day sucks!


2 thoughts on “I Totally Get It Now”

  1. yeah…true….we need that the “extra day of specialness” in life!
    That is why we celebrate such days to express our love/care towards dear ones.

    I’m not a big fan of V-day! Because in India we have many such “special days” in our life/culture….V-day is just a foreign addition to that!

    See following Hindu / Indian cultural days to celebrate special bond between dear ones :

    # Indian V- Day -> Holi/ Rang panchami….express your love/respect
    # Sisters/Brothers day -> Rakhi / bhaiduj (During diwali in some areas)
    # Wife day -> Karvachaut /Wat-poornima
    # Elder son/Daughter day -> kojagiri poornima
    # Husband-wife day -> Padwa in Maharashtra n other places during diwali
    # Daughter-father day -> Again Padwa during diwali…
    # guru/ teacher’s day -> Guru poornima …take blessings, express your gratitude to mother-father, saints, teachers…
    # New couple/ Bride-Groom days -> All festivals in first year after their weeding…..newly wed couple gets special attention n importance…

    These and more days to celebrate ” Extra day of specialness” with your dear ones (not just for couples)! Thus, in India you will find many festival celebration all over the year. It makes life interesting n full of fun.Such special day helps us to make strong bond between all relationships.

    But, the problem is people don’t understand the real meaning and they celebrate it as per their own stupid rules. People made V-day as ‘Lust/Show-off/formality’ day rather than ‘love/romance/respect/meaningful’ day!

    So, Valentine’s Day sucks! 🙂


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