Happy 30th Birthday, D!

I Love You combo (IMG Source: http://mumbai-flowers.com)

Today is my sweetheart, D’s 30th birthday. Sadly, I’m not with him to celebrate it. But I’ve purchased a combo package of flowers, cake and a teddy online through Mumbai-Flowers.com; which will be delivered to him hopefully by noon today. I’m so excited for him to receive the 30 roses and truffle cake. Plus, I’m confident he would never expect something like that from me.

I called him at midnight India time and wished him. He was happy to hear my voice and was expecting my call. But also saddened by the fact that I wasn’t going to be there to celebrate it with him. I told him that we’ll celebrate it once I arrive in Pune on the 8th of March. So, he’s really looking forward to that.

I really wish I was there though. I mean, it’s his 30th birthday. That’s a big deal. Oh well, I can’t be there just now and he had to leave early. So, I guess there was nothing really we could do.

Anyway, after work today, I’m picking up a bottle of champagne to toast to 30 years of my sweetheart’s life. And am wishing him all the happiness in the world. Hugs and kisses to my darling!

Happy Birthday, D! ❤


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