Voting Begins Today

At first I was skeptical about this nomination and award. But I emailed the Accelerated Degree Program representative that had initially contacted me and with the details they provided, I am now convinced that this award and nomination are absolutely legit. So, I’m asking and hoping all of you that visit Ziddi Tamana today or over the next couple of days, will  do me the honor of voting for me.

If I wasn’t passionate about my blog and blogging and put the efforts in to this blog, then I’d probably not have the confidence I do to ask for this vote. I really hope that passion shows through to all my visitors and readers and I am honored by receiving your votes.

I guess, this means so much to me because I never knew my blog was doing as well as it seems to be. I never thought I’d be nominated for the content I put out there. But here we are, I’ve been nominated. I know this isn’t “Blog of Year” or something massive like that. But for small-time writers and bloggers any nomination is an honor.

So, I hope you’ll all vote for me today and prove to me that my thinking and opinion of my blog is actually correct and in fact true. 🙂

Pre-Thanks to anyone that shows their support and votes for me!

accelerated degrees

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