Top 20 Things To Do In Delhi

Birds-eye view of New Delhi (IMG Source:

Delhi is one of the most fascinating cities. It’s the eighth largest metropolis city in the world and is known for its food, cultural diversity and beautiful places to visit. Don’t worry, I won’t get into all the statistical mumbo-jumbo. You can read about all that stuff on Wikipedia. I just really want to take you through Delhi in my steps and point out my favorite spots and things I never miss seeing when there. So, let’s get going…

Before I begin, I will mention that there are the standard places that people should visit, as with any major city. But I’m going to exclude some of those “national attractions” and just list the things I love to see and do.

Okay now, let’s get going….

  1. Keventer’s
    You cannot go to Delhi and not visit the Keventer’s milkshake shop in Connaught Place. The shop only opens in the evening. But it’s known for their coffee flavored milkshakes. One bottle of the shake and trust me you’ll be hooked.
  2. Hear qawwalis (devotional music) at Hazrat Nizamuddin darga:
    The music, the beats, even the tones in which the songs are sung is truly a spiritual experience. You may not understand the words but when you see everyone around you do into it and hear the beats, your body and mind can’t help but feel at one with singers.
  3. Shopping at Janpath:
    If you love bargaining and great deals, this is the place to go. Janpath has the best government emporiums and you can bargain with the vendors and get some great items at amazingly cheap prices.
  4. Take a ride on the Delhi metro:
    It’s cheap, clean and fast. Plus, it goes through Delhi so you get to see a lot of great sights from west to east!
  5. Have kabobs at Khan Chacha’s restaurant:
    These are the best kabobs you’ll ever try. Plus, the restaurant is mainly open in the evenings and late into the night. But trust me, get there early because there is always a line up.
  6. Have Dosa at Saravana Bhavan in CP:
    Dosa at Saravana Bhavan is the best in the world. They have franchises world-wide. So, after all the shopping in Janpath, make sure to stop over at SB for a delicious meal and don’t forget to have their South Indian filter coffee to finish your meal.
  7. Shop at Chandni Chowk:
    Chandni Chowk is known for its little streets and hundreds of thousands of stores. Everything from dried goods to wedding clothes and everything in between can be found here. It’s best to get here early in the morning as it’s not as busy as throughout the day.
  8. Visit the Lotus Temple:
    This temple is actually made in the form of a lotus. The architecture is absolutely stunning and its set in a beautiful environment full of greens.
  9. Have a picnic at India Gate:
    India Gate sits in the heart of Delhi near the Rashpati Bhavan (parliament buildings). There is a beautiful pond nearby and lots go greenery. Plus, if you go in the evening, you can have ice cream and sit down for a fun family picnic.

    Akshardham (IMG Source:
  10. Visit Akshardham:
    This building is one of the most beautifully built-in India. It took five years and 10,000+ artisans to build. It is definitely an experience all in its owns.
  11. Eat Jalebi and Ice Cream:
    Jalebi is an Indian delicacy. It is sweet and melts in your mouth. Make sure to grab some fresh hot ones with ice cream. The experience will have your taste buds begging for more.
  12. Walk the grounds of the Lal Qila (Red Fort):
    The Lal Qila is India’s architecture at its best. It was the palace of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan; which later became World Heritage site for UNESCO.
  13. Have lunch or dinner at Dilli Haat:
    To try various authentic cuisines, you must visit Dilli Haat. Plus, there are various vendors from throughout India there.
  14. Visit Jama Masjid:
    The courtyard of this mosque alone can hold up to 25,000 people! There are many relics held at this mosque, including an antique version of the Qur’an written on deer skin.
  15. Visit Hanuman Mandir (Temple):
    This is one of my most favorite temples to visit in all of India. Saturday mornings are an absolute spiritual bliss. Sit and listen to prayers, then go next door to the Shani Mandir. Between the two is an awesome market selling hundreds of thousands of bangles in all colors and styles. If you’re not tired by then, you must have a henna tattoo applied by one of the local vendors that sit near the grounds of the temple.
  16. Have Paan at Pandhara Road:
    Paan is an after dinner mouth freshener. Mind you, it’s definitely an acquired taste. So, you may or may not like it. But if you do, the best Paans in all of Delhi are at Pandhara Road.
  17. Eat Chaat-papri:
    Enjoy this tangy street snack at various markets and parks. It includes; fried wafers, potatoes, yogurt, tamarind sauce and spices. yummy!
  18. Visit the Qutab Minar:
    This is one of the largest standing brick minarets in the world. Plus, the intricate design around is a must see.
  19. Visit the National Museum:
    You may not be the type of person to walk easily into a museum. But Delhi’s national museum is definitely one to see. It features artifacts and relics from around India.
  20. Experience tranquility at Kaya Spa:
    After you’ve done all the touring, indulge at Kaya by getting a hot oil massage, body wrap and having a mud bath. Then let them work their wonders by giving you a head massage.

That’s Delhi! Hope you enjoyed my walk-through Delhi, my hometown.


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    1. That’s awesome to know. Im so glad my insight of Delhi was a guide for you. Do share your thoughts and pictures of Delhi. I’d love to see it. Also, where ate you from originally?


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