Office Of The President: @RogersHelps

Guess what? My issues with Rogers Communications is still not rectified. Nope! It’s now 4 weeks, 17 representatives at 1-800-Rogers1, 2 Twitter reps, 4 hours hold time, 3 managers, 3 disconnected calls and still no solution. How fabulous is that???

So, I’m told to make a secondary complaint because my first one (made five days ago) still hasn’t received a response although, they promise to contact you within 48 hours. Here’s the second complaint I sent. I should have probably saved the first note too. But didn’t think I’d need it, boy was I ever wrong!!!! (Future note to self: KEEP ALL COMMUNICATIONS WITH ROGERS WRITTEN AND ARCHIVED)

I have dealt with having my husband’s account restored for nearly 4 weeks now. I’ve spoken to 17 reps at 1-800-rogers1, 2 twitter reps, wasted at least 4 hours on hold, hung up on 3 times, been called back by your customer relations department asking about a survey I filled out; which turned into a 45 min conversation to ask if the situation had been rectified and when I responded that it hadn’t, the rep told me to call back customer relations. I asked her why she’d called and she said just to verify if I was still having an issue and that she couldn’t help me. She was just checking in. Well she called back 2 hours later asking me the exact same questions and wasted another 20 minutes of my time yesterday.

Then I called you customer service line asking to speak to customer relations yesterday (interaction ID: i510287844) just to speak to Tiffany who was absolutely pleasant and understanding but to be told that she had to transfer me to customer relations. Customer relations rep Jennifer turned around and said “too bad, I can’t help you”. I asked to be transferred to a manager and she insisted that it would take 20mins hold time. I told her over and over that I’ve wasted 4 weeks dealing with this, what’s another 20 mins and then she put me on hold and hung up on me. Called back and talked to yet another rep (interaction ID: i510299389) and the manager Deanne said the same thing. Too bad we can’t help you.

My personal account with Rogers (phone number xxx-xxx-xxx) has been with you guys for over 10 years. I mean, I’ve had countless services with you. Even my husband has been with Rogers for 3+ years and this is how we’re treated?

I’ve been hung up on, I’ve been called a liar, I’ve been told I don’t know how to read a bill, I’ve been transferred to 4 different reps within one call and no one has been able to rectify the issue.

All of this started with roaming and international data charges; which Darrell on your twitter account was able to credit back. But he could not take the account out of suspension. I had to make a payment. He told me to call accounts receivable, which I did. I was told to make a minimum payment of $200 and wait 24 hours to have the payment posted to the account then I can call back in and have the phone reactivated. In the midst of all of this someone in your accounts receivable department cancelled the phone line all together causing $598 of cancellation fees. Not only was I trying to not close the account, but I was trying to rectify the issue so we can come back into good standing.

But up until yesterday, NO ONE has told me that the account had been cancelled all together. All I was being told was it’s suspended and we can activate it once the payment posted to the account. Then yesterday (interaction ID: i510287844) Tiffany told me “well actually, the account has been completely cancelled so I can’t reactivate it”. She was the only person who in 4 weeks besides Darrell on Twitter was able to understand the hell I have gone through. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the authority to reactivate the line so she put me through to customer relations and noted the account with the full details. When I got through to customer relations, I was told “whoever told you that $200 is enough to activate the phone line doesn’t know what they’re talking about, pay the remaining $300.95 and we can activate it”.

I have no problem paying. But why has it taken 4 weeks, 17 reps, 3 hrs on twitter with Darrell, 6 hours call time with all your reps in the past 4 weeks to get to this point?

I think of loyalty when I’m with a company and I’ve proven my loyalty with Rogers for 10 years. But I still get treated like this so I wonder, why am I still with you guys? If it wasn’t for the contracts binding me, I’d probably be gone after this ordeal. But I’m 5 months pregnant and I have a baby on the way and cannot afford to pay steep cancellation charges at this point. So, I’m stuck with you guys.

But no one in your company cares or has bothered to do anything about it. I want my husband’s phone line reconnected. I want a paper bill in the mail showing the remaining balance and then I want an opportunity to go to the bank or store or online and pay the remaining balance.

And quite frankly, I want a reimbursement for all the time and energy I have wasted on getting this situation rectified.

Roger’s network is fantastic; which is why I chose and stayed with you guys all these years. Now, if we could just do something about your customer service folks, I could go back to saying and thinking that Rogers is the best phone company out there. But that’s just me being hopeful.

From my experience, I probably doubt I’m going to get a response to this complaint either. The first one I made 5 days ago has yet to receive a response.

Sadly yours,

xxx xxxxxx


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