50 Ways To Make Your Spouse Feel Special & Loved

As all of you know, I’ve been on the emotional roller-coaster lately. Everyone says it’s the pregnancy hormones that are making me emotionally retarded. Whatever the reason may be, all I know is that I don’t feel special or loved these days. You know the type of special and loved that only your spouse can make you feel? Yup, that one.

So, D and I have fought, argued, cried, yelled and bitched at each other none stop over the past three weeks. He doesn’t get how to make me feel special. So, yesterday after a lot of crying, I told him that the easiest way to find out how to make your spouse feel special is by using our good friend Google. I mean, Google is the go-to place for questions and research.

This morning I sent my darling, ignorant husband a text message telling him that his task for the day was to research: 100 ways to make your wife feel special. I don’t know if he actually completed his task or not. But it did get me thinking about what are the things that would make me feel special right now. Of course, I thought of the big, fancy, extravagant things and gestures. But in all honestly, I really do believe that it’s the little things in life that make someone feel loved and not the big things. All those itty-bitty things are really what add up to one big thing.

So, I decided to compile a list of ways that I would feel special and loved. D will probably never read this because he doesn’t read my blog. But I still thought it would be a good lesson for me to know exactly what it is that makes me happy. Maybe I’ll even hint him into reading this post one of these days.

So, here goes…my list of 50 things that would make me feel special and loved at this very moment:

  1. Wake me up in the morning with a kiss.
  2. Before I fall asleep, kiss my eyes and wish me sweet dreams.
  3. Unexpectedly, walk up behind me and wrap your arms around me.
  4. Look me dead in the eye and tell me that I’ve got you and we will conquer all my fears and challenges together.
  5. Send me a text message mid-way through the day just to tell me you’re missing me.
  6. When I pull away from you <a class="zem_slink" title="Upset” href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upset&#8221; rel=”wikipedia” target=”_blank”>upset, pull me hard towards you and just kiss me, don’t say a single word.
  7. When I get home from work, have dinner ready for me and the table set.
  8. Send me a single rose to work, to tell me that I am the only rose in your life.
  9. Hold my hand and discuss our future, the possibilities and adventures.
  10. Tell me one thing that drives you crazy about me and you just can’t live without.
  11. Arrange a romantic movie night at home, dim the lights, light candles and have popcorn ready.
  12. Take me on a surprise adventure or picnic.
  13. Take me to the mall and pick something that you think I would look beautiful in and insist on buying it for me.
  14. When I’m feeling sore or run down, prepare a warm, candlelit bath for me and then surprise me with it.
  15. Come home early or surprise me by taking a day off work when I least expect it and spend the day with me.
  16. Comb my hair for me and play with my hair.
  17. When we are spending the day together, pick an outfit for me to wear that you love seeing me in.
  18. When we are with our friends, compliment me and so everyone knows how much I mean to you.
  19. Write me a poem expressing your love for me even if it doesn’t rhyme.
  20. Hold me close and tell me that I am the most important person to you in the world.
  21. Put flowers on my bedside table for me before I wake up.
  22. Grab my hand unexpectedly when a song I love is playing and dance with me.
  23. Put love notes and around the house for me to find before you leave for work, so when I get home after you’re gone, I find them.
  24. Plan a romantic getaway in the city, at a nearby hotel and order the romance package.
  25. Take me for a walk in the rain and hold my hand the whole time.
  26. Send me chocolate covered strawberries to work or a present for no reason other than wanting to show me you love me.
  27. Tell me what my presence in your life means to you.
  28. Buy a bottle of champagne and tell me we are celebrating being together.
  29. When I am upset with you, get down on one knee and re-make all those promises you made to me when we got married.
  30. When I tells you I need or want something important, don’t wait for me to buy it myself. Go get it for me before I even ask.
  31. Give me your undivided attention when we are talking (put away the phone and turn off the tv, so I know you’re really listening).
  32. When I’m upset and complaining about all the things that bother me, it doesn’t mean I need a solution on how to fix it. Sometimes it means I just want to you to listen. So, acknowledge what I’m saying but don’t offer solutions unless I specifically ask for them.
  33. When I’m in the shower, sneak in and surprise me by joining me.
  34. If you’ve done something that you know I won’t be thrilled to know about, tell me anyway instead of hiding it from me until I find out myself.
  35. When I feel like crying, let me cry and put your arms around me to comfort me. If I can tell you how I feel I will, otherwise just let me be silent.
  36. Go out of your way to sexually please me.
  37. Treat me as if I’m the center of your world. Put me before other priorities.
  38. When I see a spider or bug and am completely freaked out, kill it or dispose of it for me without me even asking you to.
  39. When we are upset at each other, make sure to never let me go to sleep upset or mad because we will wake up with no words for each other and distance in our hearts.
  40. When we’re in public together, only look at me and no other girls even if they’re gorgeous.
  41. When I’m feeling tired or ill, let me sleep with me head on your lap and lightly caress my hair until I doze off.
  42. Defend me in front of anyone that’s taking trash about me or treating me disrespectfully.
  43. Buy me a small piece of jewelry and insist I wear it every day to remind me of you.
  44. Throw me a surprise birthday, anniversary, or just because you love me party.
  45. Have my lunch and snack prepared for me to take to work once in a while.
  46. Share your thoughts, ideas, ambitions and fears with me.
  47. Don’t just say “nothing”, when I ask you what you’re thinking about.
  48. Don’t ever lie to me even if it’s for the littlest thing and you think it would be insignificant.
  49. Pick me up from work for a surprise lunch.
  50. Never, ever regret our relationship, marriage or lives together and always work with me on keeping our marriage happy and successful. Don’t ever give up!


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