Getting Back To Blogging

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post where I wasn’t horribly depressed or stressed. But today I am neither. I feel like I am returning to myself again. Of course, with one small change and that being I’m going to be a mommy soon.

The past few months have been extremely hard for me. I’ve gone through a lot and experienced a lot. You know it’s true what they say about pregnancy changing you. I’m a completely different person and for the few months I was a different person.

But I realized that through it all, I missed being me. I missed writing my thoughts, hopes, dreams and even frustrations down. I missed this part of who I am. So, I’ve made a vow to myself that no matter where my life takes me, I will never give up my writing again.

I’m back! 🙂 and eagerly looking forward to get back to daily writing and sharing all my thoughts and hopes with all of you again. I just hope you’re all still here waiting to hear back from me.

Will write again soon! 🙂

Until then xoxox

15 thoughts on “Getting Back To Blogging”

  1. Congrats on the pregnancy Ziddi….and congrats on coming back to blogging. We’ve missed ya! Looking forward to reading about your pregnancy…and eventually the birth of your little angel.


      1. Lol. The pain doesn’t make me feel like I’m going to miss it one bit. All the other stuff I can handle, even the 2-3 hrs a sleep is fine too. But the pain…oh how do I explain it???

        I keep telling myself that my angel is on her way so that’s helping me get through it.


      2. Thanks honeybee. I really hope she moves too. But my doc doesn’t think she will. She said my uterus and her are both ganging up on me. 😦

        Hugs back!!!! U know I was thinking, you’re in Toronto right? We should have coffee or meet up!


      3. Let’s hope the doc is wrong! I will send prayers and good vibes your way.
        Actually, I’m in Innisfil (just south of Barrie). We could definitely meet up though. Would be great! Maybe meet somewhere in between?


      4. Thanks. Prayers help!

        Ya mid-way would be cool! I’ve never been to Innisfil so I have no clue how far that is. But I know Barrie a bit.


      5. Nope it doesn’t. I’ve probably driven past but didn’t notice. Well either way we’ll meet half way. 🙂 but next week or the week after if that works? This week’s anniversary week for me and D!!!!


      6. Yes, it’s D and my 1 year unofficial-official wedding anniversary on August 10th. So, we’ve booked the week off to celebrate starting this Sunday. I’ll explain the unofficial-official wedding part in today’s blog post. 🙂

        So the week after would work great. 🙂


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