Things Are Starting To Turn Around

After a long battle with emotions and physical pains, I find myself returning to who I was before I got pregnant. I’m starting to go back to my smiling, lovey-dovey self. I’m less annoyed and irritated lately and I find myself enjoying being at home cooking and decorating again.

Even the troubles with D are getting better. I think with the wedding and then sudden pregnancy, we kind of lost each other in the mix. But we’re working on rekindling our relationship and he’s making extra effort to make me feel loved and special.

Our 1 year “unofficial” wedding anniversary is next week and he’s even taken 2 days off work to spend with me out-of-town. In return, I’ve come up with a surprise that I know he will be ecstatic about. I’ve found something he’s wanted to do all his life and booked him in for it. It’s still a secret and lately he has read my blog, so I’m not going to tell all of you either about it yet. But I promise on Monday after it happens, I’ll post lists of pictures.

Besides that, we’re holding a dinner at our place this weekend. All his friends are coming over for dinner and drinks this Sunday. So, I have a lot of prep ahead of me. I’m really hoping to spruce up the apartment for Sunday as well.

I’ve been browsing Pinterest and have found some DIY projects I’d like to do in preparation for Sunday’s dinner. I’ll try posting some pictures as I attempt my projects.

Until then, xoxox.


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