Anniversary Dinner With Friends

Tonight’s the big dinner with 10-12 of our friends and I’m cooking up an Indian feast! We’re celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary in increments. Tonight’s the friends dinner, tomorrow is D’s surprise anniversary gift, Wednesday is family dinner and then Thursday and Friday will be spent at Niagara Falls in a romantic suite at the Sheraton Hotel!

I’m looking forward to tonight’s dinner and the rest of the week eagerly and have already begun preparing. Since so many people are coming over and Indian food prepared at its best requires a good few hours, I’ve begun cooking my first dish now. Here’s tonight’s menu. I’ll post the recipes a bit later today or this week for all of you to try.

Cocktail veggie samosas
Veggie pakoras
Indian party mix

Main course:
Jeers rice (cumin infused rice)
Roti (while wheat Indian bread)
Butter chicken
Rajma (kidney bean curry)
Aloo gobi (potato and cauliflower dry curry)

Papad (crispy lentil patties)
Mixed beans and greens cold salad
Bundi ka raita (yogurt mixed with seasoning)

Fruit cream

Wish me success on my mass friends dinner!



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