D’s Anniversary Surpise

This past week has been amazing. D and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary in various ways. I’ve already told you about the dinner with friends. But on last Monday, we celebrated by being up in the air doing D’s surprise.

His surprise was a flying lesson via the Island Air flight school at Billy Bishop Airport (aka Porter Airport). It was a one hour lesson flying a Cessna 172 and I got to be a passenger in the backseat.

D loves planes, trains, boats and cars. But flying a plane has been his dream forever and what better way to celebrate our one year anniversary than making one of his dreams come true.

The instructor; Abhinav was quite impressed that D knew so much about the plane and it’s control panels. He even knew most of the checklist prior to and after takeoff. So, once we boarded the plane, the two of them went through the checklist and once everything was confirmed, we were off!

D controlled the complete takeoff and flying over the city and even aligned the plane for landing. But Abhinav landed the plane as its much more risky than takeoff.

Here’s some photos to share our day with you.













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