GOSH Hair Dye: Update @goshuk



After a horrible experience with one of GOSH Hair Dye’s products (Dark Burgundy Red – 336), I contacted their customer service department. After a couple of days of back and forth, they were able to rectify my problem. However, I never got the chance to update all of you with the results of my complaint.

Apparently, GOSH Cosmetics and GOSH Hair products are two different companies, affiliated with each other. However, they operate as individual companies; well, that’s my understanding of their corporate structure anyway. Well, I wasn’t aware of this and was contacting GOSH UK and after countless attempts, my complaint was finally forwarded to the corporate offices in Denmark.

Anyway, after dealing with a rep from the Denmark location, I was quite pleased with results of my complaint. Not only did they tell me why the red didn’t work on my hair, try also were generous enough to recommend a proper color for my hair and send me 3 boxes of hair dye in the recommended color free of charge. They even went as far as sending me a couple of liquid eye liners.

That’s what i call customer service! The rep I dealt with was absolutely pleasant and understanding and even though it took a few weeks to get through, it was completely worth it in the end!

Thanks GOSH!


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