CNE: D’s First Experience

Yesterday, D and I spent the afternoon at the The Ex. For those of you that don’t know what The Ex is, it’s the Canadian National Exhibition. Every year around mid-August to labor day week in September, the CNE holds their yearly fair. It’s been around for ages and I’ve had the pleasure of visiting every year since as long as I can remember. There are lots of rides, food, games and even an international market. Unfortunately, this year due to exhaustion, I was unable to visit the international market. But maybe on my next trip before the end of the season, I’ll make my way to check out all the stalls and sales.

Anyway, I wasn’t able to go on most of the rides besides the fares wheel and sky ride because of being pregnant. But D had a splendid day and really loved the rides. We played games and I even won a stuffed dog for my little angel for when she arrives. The food was amazing with lots of variety to choose from and we even enjoyed a show by two jugglers.

Thought I’d share some photos with you of our day.

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