The Little Things Matter The Most

Sometimes we fight, sometimes we say mean things to each other out of anger. Sometimes we are extremely lovey-dovey. And sometimes we need our space. But no matter what the situation or emotion is for the day, what I find the most fascinating is to be able to fall back in love with your spouse all over again.

They didn’t say anything special. They didn’t do anything extraordinary. They didn’t even buy you a gift. All they did was smile the most genuine way possible. That’s all it took to make me fall back in love with D this morning (not to say that I stopped loving him in the first place).

But that moment when he was still half asleep and I kissed his cheeks and forehead and he smiled every time I kissed him, made me realize how much I love him and I just fell more in love with him. After all the drama, routines and headache of life, I feel blessed this morning to be able to appreciate that simple smile of his and recognize that my hugs and kisses cause him to smile.

You know it’s the little things in our lives and relationships that make the biggest difference.

Happy Thursday, lovies! Hope your day begins with something small that’ll make you smile all day long.



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