Another Quick Update

Lots of discussions this past week with my boss and the hr department about me going on short-term disability. Hr has given me forms to get filled by my gynecologist and my boss has decided to let me work two days from home each week until we can figure out what my gyno suggests.

The pain is still around and seems to be getting worst most days. But I’m trying lots of remedies; massages, hot and cold packs, warm baths and tylenol is my new best friend. It’s been quite exhausting lately.

But I keep telling myself that my princess will be here in a mere seven weeks and that I can cope with this until then. As for all the check-ups and appointments with my gyno; well, so far besides my gestational-diabetes, everything seems normal and good.

Also, my baby shower is a week away. My sister-in-law and mother are throwing it for me and I’m super excited to be able to share this precious time with my friends, colleagues and family. I’ll post pictures next week after it happens (next Sunday).

Anyway, I’ve got to make dinner. Just wanted to update all of you and reassure you that I am still around and haven’t forgotten about you or my blog!




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