Looking Your Best In Fashion & Style This Fall By Anya Sarre

Looking your best in fashion and style this fall will be easy! The new trends and colors are striking but there is leeway allowed for the smart fashionista. Pick and choose what is best for your body type and most flattering to your coloring. You can look your very best with apparel and women’s shoes this fall – and without breaking the bank!

Your denims stay in, but this fall’s color trend is major and striking. Here is where you will need a few purchases and will need to take care with those choices. Bright youthful color blocking is crowding the Runways. Models are pairing neon tangerine tops and hot flamingo pencil skirts or eye-candy chartreuse silk blouses with cobalt blue short skirts. Some of this year’s bright bold fall colors have not been seen for many seasons and we do not have them in our closets. Choose one brassy classy combo that pleases you, and then do color tests. Lay the fabric across your arm and examine it in different lights. Does it flatter your skin tone? Find a mirror and hold the fabric against the side of your face to see what that color does to bring out your eyes or your hair. (This year’s vivid corals will spark our wardrobes for years.) Use the most flattering color for your blouse. The face frame is critical; we can get away with almost any color in a skirt. You’ve heard that horizontal strips add pounds. Those of us fighting the diet generally stay away from them, don’t we? Take another look at those sweaters for layering though.

For larger purchases that must transition into our winter wardrobe, such as jackets, coats and boots, look for the classic with a kick. For example, a wool navy peacoat with lime long silky scarf can complete your fall look and transition into winter with a whole new look as you exchange that scarf for a knitted one in oxblood, wine or maroon. Splurge on chunky bracelets, gloves and bright earrings in this fall’s eye-popping colors for that red-carpet finish.

Anya Sarre


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